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We at DGROMCO know what to do and how to do a careful analysis of risks and establishing a clear plan to help your business move forward.

After a system is installed and running, you can’t just leave it alone. Ongoing maintenance is a very important aspect of all the components of an IT system. There are no perfect systems, and every system breaks down periodically. The idea is to anticipate problems with periodic maintenance to minimize the frequency of breakdowns and when they occur, reduce the downtime to a minimum. The classic Murphy’s Law says that “If it can happen, it will and at the worst possible time.” It’s been said that Murphy was an optimist. With our services, you will always have someone to call who will respond quickly to emergencies with a sense of urgency.

We pride ourselves on getting to know the ins-and-outs of your business. Our demonstration of how technology can help your business run more effectively and provide actionable steps towards progress is always our mission. We create solutions that enable companies to simply accomplish more.

Professional Company IT System and Network Maintenance

An IT Infrastructure consists of elements building the usability and management of information and data. These are network systems, software, data storage, interfaces, and as well as the physical hardware needed to support an enterprise.

Our clients have been working with us for years and rely on us for technical support. We provide a reliable service that offers an array of different resources.

We know that technology is meant to simplify your daily operations, making your business run smoother and more effectively. Unlike many IT Support companies, we offer an array of services and provide the resources necessary to help our clients manage their work the best way possible. Every company is different, and we take that same attitude knowing that each of our customers’ needs are personalized to meet their unique needs. 

Some of the IT Infrastructure Issues We Address to:

  •     Email Issues
  •     Connectivity Issues/Troubleshooting Problems
  •     Printing Problems
  •     Slow System

DGROM Computer Services is one of the BEST IT Consulting firms in NJ and NYC. We provide IT Infrastructure Support every day just by calling us between 9AM – 6PM. This can be achieved by billing hourly per call or by purchasing a block of hours of IT support at a discounted price. Also, we provide Unlimited Monthly IT Support for a monthly fee.

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