Hosted Cloud Servers at Amazon
AWS and Microsoft Azure

We will be able to tell you whether cloud-based applications are right for your business. It’s not right, necessary, or economical for all businesses.

Hosted Cloud Servers at Amazon or Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing allows you to access data and applications from any device and location as long as you have an internet connection. This provides you with instant access to flexible and low cost IT resources without having to invest in hardware. Our cloud servers are designed to optimize for Amazon and Microsoft Azure applications.

Two of the biggest cloud service providers are Amazon and Microsoft Azure. Leave the Amazon and Microsoft Azure management to us – we will build and optimize your infrastructure according to you and your business’ needs. We will provide you with full support and save you from the pain of doing it yourself.

Here at DGROM, we offer complete server-based cloud networks from both providers. This means you won’t need to buy an in house server and other IT Equipment which may cost you a lot. We will be with you the entire process to make sure you get to enjoy the benefits and get the most out of these cloud platforms.

Benefits of Having a Hosted Cloud Server

Elasticity – it allows you to meet your user’s demands by having the option to easily scale up or down with the needs of your business.

Agility – cloud gives you the ability to spin up resources fast. You and your team can quickly and frequently develop new applications. It gives you easy access to a wide range of technology like databases, storage, analytics, and more.

Saves you money – you can save money in the long term by using cloud servers. You wont need to spend on expensive hardware.

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