Cloud Backup Solutions

The advantages of cloud-based data backup are virtually limitless space on a long term basis, accessibility from anywhere, and confidence that it’s being protected.

Professional Cloud-Based Backup Services For Desktops and Company Servers

We provide backup for users’ desktops if there is no central data location as a server or NAS-Network Attached Storage. Also, we provide backups for servers if the client has a server in place. The backup is cloud-based and is checked daily by reviewing the alerts and weekly in more detail.

This is clearly the most obvious and earliest use of the cloud, driven by the need for more and more room for data. Some companies have their entire file system digitized which, considering the images involved, takes up an enormous amount of room.

Once your business-sensitive data is in the cloud, must be locatable, protected from erasure and tampering. If a business uses the cloud, it must be secure in the knowledge that the data is safe, protected from disaster and above all, free from intrusion. The advantages of archiving in the cloud area are virtually limitless space on a long-term basis, accessibility from anywhere, and confidence that it’s being protected.

Data backup is an integral part of any IT system. It ensures that if something should happen to a computer or file server, the data will not be lost and can still easily accessed in another location such as on someone’s personal desktop PC at work with cloud storage. Data protection includes both prevention from being deleted by mistake yet also preventable destruction like accidentally deleting files through remote access; it’s equally important though considering natural disasters when servers are located out-of place where major storms could potentially damage them! We offer two types: offsite which means storing your backups somewhere else outside of your office building so they’re safe whereas local means we store back up copies locally on a physical hard drive in our office.

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